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We’re proud to be the industry-leading LCMS provider, but we know that success goes far beyond technology. That’s why we’ve also made significant investments in our award-winning Services & Support Teams — with team members based in both the US and EU — whose sole focus is driving maximum benefit for our customers. 

Each of our customers is assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager (who is also a platform expert). Relationship Managers meet with each partner weekly to ensure success from implementation throughout the life of the partnership. Additionally, we provide extensive product documentation, knowledge transfer, communities of practice, and development services and support.

Xyleme’s Services & Support Teams are always available to get on the phone and help identify and implement innovative solutions for our customer’s unique challenges.

Need immediate assistance? Contact your dedicated Relationship Manager, or
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Each Xyleme customer is assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager (who is also a platform expert) to work closely with them throughout the life of the partnership.


The portal provides quick links to Xyleme information and tools. 

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Various sessions providing access to experts on dedicated topics from SCORM, print, web outputs and our content distribution services.

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Daily open session forum to gain access to our platform experts to gain insight on questions regarding the Xyleme platform.

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Weekly conversational meeting to collaborate with other Xyleme customers to discuss best practices and the most effective use of the Xyleme platform.

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Whether you are having trouble logging in, need a password reset or are experiencing system performance issues, submit a ticket and our support team will get back to you within ___ hours.

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World class personal support.

We are proud to offer our customers more than just best-in-class technology tools. Our expert Services & Support Staff specializes in working closely with our partners to ensure a streamlined onboarding and training process, and offering ongoing consulting and support services throughout the life of the partnership. At Xyleme, we are committed to your success.

“What we really needed was an out-of-the-box learning content management system, provided by a partner who could work with us to build a learning solution that would be unique to us…. Right off the bat, we knew Xyleme gave us what we needed."
Major National Healthcare Association


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