Customer Success

Rare Reaches Farther with Xyleme’s Content Management


“Xyleme helps our staff spend the time where they most need to, which is on teaching the curriculum and making sure that our learners are learning what they need to.”

Monica Pearce, Manager of Conservation Research at Rare.

50 countries | 5 languages | 30% savings in translation costs


The Situation: Managing Content Across Continents

The success of the conservation leader, Rare, lies in providing effective training for their advocates, staff and campaign managers who are located in over 50 countries around the world. It comes as no surprise that Rare needed a strong, central content repository and help managing extensive content that required multiple translations and regional customizations.


The Solution: Improving Efficiency with Smarter Development

Switching to authoring and managing through Xyleme allowed Rare to streamline the content process. Single source authoring meant content as small, easily-consumable nuggets and therefore single iterations of each piece of content versus having to comb through an entire Master’s Degree curriculum to locate updates and changes.


A previous pain point; The Rare Pride Campaign training program was maintained in five different languages - English, Spanish, Indonesian, Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesian –and customized to dozens of regions. With Xyleme, translation costs were cut by nearly 30%, as well as a reduction in time required, when translators found they were able to work directly in the Xyleme content management system. This also equaled a faster time-to-market as they were able to eliminate the need to outsource translators.

The Future: Moment of Need Delivery Via the Cloud

Rare has been able to harness the power of Xyleme’s dynamic system to propel them to the next level of producing content efficiently. As Rare looks to the near future, training managers hope to be able to both deliver and measure the effectiveness of their content from anywhere in the world using Xyleme’s cloud delivery solution.

“When the regulations changed last year, we quickly located [content] everywhere that needed to be updated. That alone saved us hundreds of hours of work and gave us the confidence that we didn’t miss anything.”
Ann Gambaro
Director of Education Content Development | MBA Education | Mortgage Bankers Association