Sales Enablement

Create and Deliver Better Sales Training. Close More Deals.


A content platform where you can quickly create all your sales training and make it accessible wherever your reps are working

  • Easily let reps search and filter training for what they need
  • Have a consistent and intuitive experience across devices
  • Get feedback from reps on sales training and materials
  • Set access permissions based on rep or document attributes
  • Automatic content updates and notifications of changes
  • Measure usage of training materials and the impact on reps’ performance


Sales Training

Eighty percent of sales reps say they don't remember or implement lessons from annual kick-off meetings. Fight this by providing your reps with quick, on-the-spot information to help them close deals.


Sales Tools Integration

Reps are overwhelmed with tools. Don't add to the fatigue. Instead, deliver the right information to your reps through the tools they use everyday, like your CRM or sales enablement portal.


Product Knowledge Management

Reps often forget the details on product changes, so train them regularly. Continuous training leads to 50% higher net sales per rep. Xyleme ensures they always have the right information at their fingertips specific to any step in the sales process.


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