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Easily Deliver Your Content in Multiple Languages


Increased Speed-to-Market

Whether you translate inhouse or use translation vendors, the Xyleme platform will make your job much easier. Imagine reducing content development time in multiple languages from three months to five days. Xyleme customers have done it. Contact us to learn more!


Significant Cost Savings

Organizations save 30%-50% on translation costs after switching to Xyleme. Desktop word processing tools are not designed to streamline translation and often create additional work to convert documents and images into workable formats or reformat post-translation. Rapid authoring tools force you to translate the same content over and over again. Not with Xyleme!


Content Expansion Handled with Ease

Translated English text typically expands by 30% or more. Publishing themes are already designed to handle variations on your content size so no additional formatting is required on your translated content.

“With Xyleme the translation process went from 3 months to 5 days with content now being taken in the rep's first language. These are results that hit the bottom line.”
David Cameron
Director of Learning Innovation and Technology, Global Support & Deployment Learning and Development, Dell

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