Extended Enterprise

Knowledge that Turns Customers into Loyal Return Buyers


A Learning Platform that Enhances Business Growth Through Training Your Supply Chain

  • Provide a blend of formal ILT and informal on-demand content.
  • Have a consistent & intuitive experience across devices.
  • Get feedback on training and let users upload content.
  • Deliver content that is contextual to the organization, geography and role.
  • Assess skills and competencies and track progress.
  • Track and control user access to comply with paid license agreements.


Customer Training

Reducing customer churn can increase profitability up to 125%. Xyleme helps you improve the customer experience through formal and bite-sized learning that increases product knowledge retention to lower support instances and improve customer loyalty.



It’s 6-7x more costly to obtain a new customer than to retain an existing one. Let Xyleme help you create revenue-generating blended certification programs to increase product usability and customer retention.


Dealers, Affiliates & Franchises

Companies with a well-trained supply chain experience 17% greater year-over-year revenue improvements. Use Xyleme to deliver large scale, custom branded learning experiences that connect people across multiple locations and gets them quickly up-to-speed.


“With Xyleme, we can now provide better performance support training to our customers and have been able to create a revenue stream from training our clients that never before existed.”
Senior Manager of Curriculum Development, Information Builders

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