Digital Publishing

Quickly Author, Brand, and Deliver Your Content to Delight Your Customers


A Content Management Platform That Lets You Customize & License Content and Integrate it With Your Existing Ecommerce Infrastructure.

  • Dramatically improve the efficiency and speed of content production.
  • Author content once and easily rebrand for different customers
  • Maintain complete control over licensing and who can access what content
  • Enable your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to collaborate on projects
  • Automatically create content formatted for mobile devices
  • Deliver your content to any customer portal, LMS, and track its usage


Content Branding & Reuse

Our customers have saved 60-70% in content production costs because they no longer have to waste time authoring new pieces of content from scratch. With Xyleme, you can rebrand and alter content to fit your customers' specifications.


Content Licensing & Distribution

Maintain full control over who can access your content and deliver it through your content portal or to any LMS or other delivery channel.


Content for Mobile

Customers demand mobile content. In fact, 86% of smart phone users specifically use their device to access content. Xyleme lets you quickly make the jump from print to mobile to satisfy your consumers' needs.


“We could achieve our [product] vision in a short time because we leveraged Xyleme technology. The platform provided the foundation so we could implement a new content strategy to deliver web, mobile and print from the cloud to our clients.”
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Ron Myers
CEO & Founder, Summit Learning & Technology

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