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The Princeton Review Scores Higher with Xyleme’s Cloud Delivery


“In the past it took maybe two days to publish out through our system. And now with Xyleme’s cloud player and distribution; it’s literally a two-click publish to update content.”

Michael Bleyhl, VP Product Technology of The Princeton Review.

3.5 Million Students, 5,000 Teachers, One Delivery Platform


The Situation: Delivering a Personalized Experience

The Princeton Review helps millions of students each year prepare and score higher on standardized tests so they can get into the college of their dreams. They needed to enable their learning content to meet the diverse delivery needs of their multi-generational audience and create personalized learning experiences for each and every one of their students.


The Solution: Smarter Development, Better Results

Xyleme’s authoring tool and cloud-based content repository lets The Princeton Review create content as small nuggets versus entire courses which has increased efficiency and created opportunities for content re-use across test prep products. Instead of having to craft an entirely new GRE question, they can search the content library and reuse question content that has the appropriate assessment objectives that was previously created for other projects.

Publishing updates via Xyleme’s cloud delivery system reduced maintenance tasks from 2 days to 2 clicks. The Xyleme cloud player tracks back to the LMS from wherever the content is experienced, for accurate record keeping of student interactions with the content.

The Future: Success for Every Learner

The rich data and analytics included with Xyleme helps The Princeton Review’s instructional design teams track student interaction and usage, allowing for ongoing content improvement to maximize effectiveness. Custom dashboards help students at the deepest level, ensuring everyone knows where they stand, their scores and progress at any time. Having this tracking in place and data is allowing the organization to develop a “360 degree view” of their students, enabling the ability to give personalized recommendations that will help all students be more successful on their learning journey.

“When the regulations changed last year, we quickly located [content] everywhere that needed to be updated. That alone saved us hundreds of hours of work and gave us the confidence that we didn’t miss anything.”
Ann Gambaro
Director of Education Content Development | MBA Education | Mortgage Bankers Association