What if you could save 30% or more on translation just by switching to Xyleme?

Would you switch? If you are not familiar with Xyleme, we don’t actually provide translation services. Xyleme is a content platform for learning and development teams with built-in translation management tools. And yes, we can save you a lot of time and money.

How does Xyleme help organizations save money on translation?

With Xyleme, you manage the original content and all of its global variants in one place. Structured content produced in Xyleme is naturally separated from the presentation so it can easily be extracted, translated, and re-ingested back into its correct position without a lot of manual effort.

What Drives Translation Costs?

Think about some of the things that drive costs into your translation process today:

  1. Pulling out content from many training products, translating it, and putting it back in place, with a variety of tools like Word, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, Captivate, Storyline, etc.
  2. Reformatting your final products due to content expansion or contraction
  3. Challenges keeping everything in sync with your translation vendor(s)

In this article, The Holy Trifecta: The Secret to Faster, Better, & Cheaper Global Content, Val Swisher, 
well-known translation expert, explains that structured content is one of the three factors driving efficiency into the globalization process. Coupled with optimizing translation memory, a process that stores translated words for reuse, organizations are well on their way to the big savings, even without instituting a terminology management program.

How Exactly Does Xyleme Create Cost Savings?

When surveying Xyleme customers, they identified three big hitters contributing to the cost savings.

1. Content and Process Management

The biggest is content and process management. Structured content is smart and portable.  Every piece of content knows its owner, source and language. If the original source changes, language variants are easily isolated, translated, republished and distributed without ever disassembling the full course or document. Xyleme allows you to export the content that needs to be translated in XML which is a format many translation vendors prefer. When the content is returned in the same format, it is snapped right back into place. No fuss, no muss.

2. Only Translate Content Once

Next is the savings that happens by only translating the content once. In a traditional content process, reuse occurs when authors copy and paste content from other documents into their own and tailor it for the specific context. The unfortunate result is that you translate the same content or slightly different versions of it over and over again.

3. Media File Captions, Text Overlay, and Transcripts

Lastly, for media files (images, audio and video), captions, overlay text and transcripts are separate data elements. You can keep the media in place and translate the data easily.

In addition to these fundamental areas, Xyleme has gone the extra mile by providing both our Modern and Classic eLearning designs in 28 languages, with support for Right to Left languages.  Because these publishing themes are built using responsive design techniques, not only do they work well on mobile devices, they automatically accommodate the expansion and contraction that happens with language translation.

Dell’s Success Story

At the recent Learning Technologies tradeshow in London, David Cameron, Director of Learning Innovation & Technology for Dell  EMC | Education Services,  shared their story.

Before Xyleme


After Implementing Xyleme


Bottom Line? Dell EMC was able to shorten their translation process from 3 months to 3 days, which allowed service reps to take their localized training content right away. The results are better trained service personnel that are ready the moment a new product arrives at a customer location.

In Summary

While saving money on translation is always a good answer, creating a repeatable translation process that will constantly give back to your organization is an even better one. Xyleme can help.

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