White Papers

Analytics have taken root in functions other than HR and Learning, with widespread adoption of tools like Google Analytics that provide marketing professionals with key insights into which content is effective at driving desired outcomes. What is taking learning so long? Why have we not experienced our own analytics revolution that will unlock the knowledge we seek to improve our products, our relationships and our overall effectiveness?
Learning and Development organizations are responsible for delivering mobile learning now. Most are meeting this demand with limited success. Simply shrinking desktop e-learning onto a smartphone or tablet doesn’t provide the learner with the mobile experience they desire. Responsive design promises to help companies future-proof their content and deliver more mobile learning experiences faster and better. So, why isn’t everyone doing it? Skills and immature toolsets are the major limiting factors, forcing instructional designers to rely on their web development counterparts to build responsive templates or, worse, single-use pages, which creates a content management nightmare. Single source content development and publishing with responsive output templates is the most effective and sustainable approach to delivering mobile learning content on a large scale.
According to Brandon Hall Group’s Effective Employee Development Survey, 85% of organizations use some sort of performance support tools to facilitate on‐the‐job training. Yet, for many of these organizations, their tools are still tethered to desktops, binders or paper job aids. In fact, 88% of organizations still provide paper‐based performance support.
In the rush to deploy tablets, many organizations—not limited to training—are throwing caution to the wind. In a survey of business stakeholders and IT professionals conducted by Dimensional Research, 51% of enterprises that have purchased tablets have not clearly articulated their strategy for deploying them. - Dawn Poulos, Xyleme Inc.
Analysts estimate that by 2014, 80% of businesses will support a workforce using tablets. The iPad, like smartphones before it, is creating an entirely new way for consumers to seek and use content. Are you prepared? Learn how to break free from the project mentality and create a strategy to rapidly and cost effectively deliver compelling tablet experiences that are customized to the learner.
This ten-page white paper recaps an interview between Mobile Learning specialists Judy Brown, Tyson Greer, Dr. Allison Rossett, and Dawn Poulos, VP of Marketing for Xyleme Inc., on the topics of Mobile Learning and Mobile Performance Support.
The social media explosion has triggered growth in UGC and encouraged learning organizations to implement a proactive knowledge strategy in order to adapt to more autonomous, empowered learners. Learn more by reading this white paper. - Xyleme, Inc. and Flatirons Solutions
Learning is benefitting from the next wave of ECM consolidation. Obstacles that currently make learning content management an island within the enterprise are being torn down, and training is emerging as a critical service of the enterprise content management platform. - Xyleme, Inc.
Typical content management solutions operate in isolation and don’t work well together, but that’s about to change. This white paper will help your company assess the current status of its content strategy and implement an eight-step model for mapping out an integrated content management approach. - Bryan Chapman, Chief Learning Strategist, Chapman Alliance
Reusability 2.0 is not for everyone, nor is it for every training situation. If you are designing a learning intervention that can be readily delivered using a singular delivery format, without many variations, applying this methodology would be overkill. However, if your vision is to systematically synchronize content across all delivery formats and/or you need training to be highly adapted for different learning environments, reusability 2.0 is the key to publishing learning. - Bryan Chapman, Chief Learning Strategist, Chapman Alliance