L&D organizations are tasked with delivering mobile learning now. Most are meeting this demand with limited success. Simply shrinking desktop e-learning onto a smartphone or tablet doesn't provided the learner with the mobile experience they desire. Hear product experts, Monica Kraft and Ramon Guiu of Xyleme, share real-world examples of responsive e-learning.
Today, there are significant gaps when it comes to optimally using on-demand, just-in-time, informal learning. Why is that? And, why is just-in-time learning taking a backseat to formal course development, especially when the ROI benefits suggest so much upside potential?
According to Brandon Hall Group's Effective Employee Development Survey, 85% of organizations use some sort of performance support tools to facilitate on-the-job training, yet for many of these organizations, their tools are still tethered to desktops, binders or paper job aids. With today's workforce more mobile than ever and learning content changing daily, mobile performance support can provide a real answer to many organizations for delivering personalized, moment-of-need information to their workforce and business partners. Over 46% of organizations have begun to use some level of mobile performance support, and Brandon Hall Group predicts this trend will only rise.
In this webinar, David Mallon, VP of Research at Bersin by Deloitte, will dive into the evolving nature of learning content and share findings from Bersin’s recent High Impact Learning Organization report. Joining David will be Michael Miller, Process and Standards Supervisor at Caterpillar, Inc. Together they will discuss how eLearning has become a small part of the larger pie that now includes the delivery of contextual-based content at the right time and in the right format to drive performance outcomes. Key takeaways for Senior Learning & Talent executives will include the methodologies used by HILOs to build a sustainable content strategy that helps companies solve business and operational problems.
Does your organization send content to multiple LMSs? Does this present numerous issues and problems for your group? If so, you are not alone. During this educational event and live demonstration, Xyleme presented the learning community with a solution for organizations dealing with problems related to eLearning delivery: the Bravais Cloud Player. You can now watch the demo of the new module, which allows a single instance of any SCORM course to be stored and delivered from the cloud to multiple LMSs.
At the Pastiche 2.6 demonstration, Ramon Guiu, Product Marketing Manager at Xyleme, demonstrated how the end of end solution for delivering interactive learning to tablets can now report scores back to your LMS. Watch the recording now to see how Pastiche is already helping organizations like yours.
Stacey Harris, the VP of Research from Brandon Hall Group, and Mark Hellinger, CEO of Xyleme, highlighted a wide-spread issue among learning departments in that organizations are making assumptions regarding whether their learning is effective or not, and this is leading to bad decisions. Big Data is relevant in every other industry and almost always connected to performance outcomes, so why not in learning?
Bryan Chapman, Chief Learning Strategist at the Chapman Alliance, is renowned for teaching world-class organizations how to implement successful single-source learning development strategies.
During the first free single-source workshop in the learning industry, Bryan Chapman, Chief Learning Strategist at the Chapman Alliance, explained the benefits of using single-source, and he proved that content developers who use single-source can shorten their time to market, increase productivity, and publish content to multiple outputs, all from using a single learning object repository.
Watch the 30 minute recording of the first XylemeXclusive with Charles Jennings discussing the next generation of performance support. This is not to be missed for anyone interested in providing moment of need support. Watch now!