In this webinar highlight video see how a performance-driven company like Baker Hughes uses learning content as a strategy to drive business impact. Jennifer Rogers, global content development manager at Baker Hughes Talent Management Center of Excellence, will share how training and development is leading the organization to shared content management in order to sustain a culture of constant learning and business success.
In less than five minutes, learn how Caterpillar uses single source content management and creates bite-sized learning that can be tailored to individuals' learning needs. Hear about unique methods for delivering learning content at the right time in the right place and how Personalized learning is the most effective approach to closing organizational skill gaps.
In this short webinar highlight video, hear Emily Duensing, Sr. Manager of Curriculum Development and Andy Nivison, VP of Customer Education at Information Builders, share how single-sourcing has transformed the way they author, publish and deliver critical learning content to their customers.
In this short webinar highlight video, hear Michael Bleyhl, VP, Product Technology of The Princeton Review discusses their unique business challenges, solution design, key integration strategies as well as his vision for the future of personalized online learning.
Rare is a non profit that promotes conservation efforts to inspire change. Watch them discuss how using Xyleme LCMS resulted in lower costs and more time to focus on their mission.