Rare is a non profit that promotes conservation efforts to inspire change. Watch them discuss how using Xyleme LCMS resulted in lower costs and more time to focus on their mission.

Xyleme President & CEO, Mark Hellinger, presented to a standing-room only group at DevLearn 2012.

Xyleme visited Achieve Global headquarters to find out just how they are using Xyleme technology, and more specifically, Xyleme LCMS. Here's what we discovered!

Mark Hellinger had the opportunity to speak at DevLearn 2011 about the ways the learning industry, and those who create the content for it, are being affected by changing consumer demands. Part 1 of 3 looks at the impact of such a virtual and mobile world and the importance of having a content strategy.

Part 2 of 3 of Mark Hellinger's speech at DevLearn 2011 focuses on the importance of changing to a learners' view of the world. The future of learning content development stresses collaboration and agility; it is about changing the way you do things so that they are personalized and able to be reused.