Many people are unaware that there are cultural differences in the way people across the world teach, learn and disperse content and material. Thus, people everywhere are seemingly forced to learn based on Western ideologies. Naturally, when the way people are being taught and the way they need to learn do not coincide, effective learning cannot happen. Xyleme was lucky enough to get one of the world’s leading teachers on culturally appropriate instructional design involved in our latest podcast to answer common questions around cultural differences.

Dr. Andrea Edmundson, CEO of eWorld Learning, has focused her career on creating culturally appropriate content for learners across the globe. She states that it is more important now than ever, not only from a business but reputation perspective as well, to have content that is culturally aware and appropriate, and that there are severe effects of being inappropriate, including loss to your bottom line in some cases. Since beginning her career in this field 25 years ago, Dr. Edmundson has lived, worked, or traveled in more than 30 countries, learning and growing her understanding about different cultures and their learning needs. She has a PhD from Walden University in Educational Technology.

Her podcast addresses several common questions including:

  • What is culturally appropriate instructional design?
  • Ramifications of Structurally inappropriate instructional Design
  • Best Practices in Creating Culturally Appropriate Learning

Listen now to our latest podcast, “Exploring Cultural Differences in Instructional Design,” featuring Dr. Andrea Edmundson.

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Brent Schlenker is a recognized eLearning Industry Leader with over 12 years of experience implementing eLearning technologies across the globe. He is the DevLearn Program Director & New Media and Emerging Technologies analyst at The eLearning Guild. Blogging since 2004, Brent writes on corporate eLearning strategies and development, and aims to explore the crossroads of technology and learning. In today’s podcast Brent will be discussing the convergence of academic eLearning needs and corporate eLearning needs.

Brent Schlenker argues that corporations and academic institutions are struggling with the same technology concerns: security, social behavior and productivity. He makes the point that corporate eLearning and academic eLearning are converging as new technologies drive new business models.

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Jeanne Meister is co-author of The 2020 Workplace How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop & Keep Tomorrow’s Employees Today – and co-founder of Future Workplace, a consulting firm dedicated to innovations in employee recruitment, development, and engagement. Jeanne has worked as a consultant with over 200 organizations on launching, managing, and re-inventing a corporate university.

Today’s podcast is based on insights from Jeanne’s book. Jeanne walks us towards The 2020 Workplace by reviewing the seismic shifts in play today that will affect the future. She provides case studies and stories of forward-thinking companies and their talent practices – and offers some predictions for the future so that you can prepare your organization, your team, and yourself for 2020.

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Kevin Kruse is co-author of NY Times Bestseller, We: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement. Unlike others who have studied leadership, Kevin is neither an HR professional nor an academic; he’s a serial entrepreneur whose companies have won awards for both fast growth and the prestigious Best Place to Work award.

Today’s podcast is based on insights from Kevin’s book. Did you know that, on average, people who are dissatisfied at work weigh 5 pounds more than people who are satisfied in their job and that they also have a higher risk for heart attacks? Kevin shows us how having a bad job is lethal (literally) to both the employee and the company, and he outlines the three drivers needed to create an engaged workplace. Kevin’s insights provide a roadmap for leaders who want to maximize the employee engagement of their teams.

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Connie Malamed is a popular blogger and author of ‘Visual Language for Designers’, an insightful book on information designed for visual communicators and applicable to the field of learning and instructional design. Connie also runs a unique consulting practice through which she designs, develops and consults on projects for clients that blend visual communication with cognitive psychology. She shares her expertise in her blog, The eLearning Coach, where you’ll also find free eLearning and instructional design resources available for download.

Today’s podcast is based on insights from her book, as Connie takes us through the basics of Visual Learning – from what it is to how we are ‘hardwired’ for it, and how instructional designers can make graphics more cognitively efficient. Finally Connie talks about how emotion and cognition are interdependent and how designers can leverage this to connect with the audience through emotions.

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Mark Berthelemy is Solutions Architect at Capita Learning and Development in the UK and a learning technology specialist with over 10 years experience in the eLearning industry. Mark is also the author of the Learning Conversations blog, where he makes the case that companies are spending thousands of dollars on creating training content but they are locking it away in their Learning Management System (LMS). In today’s podcast Mark will be discussing how to get more from your LMS.

In the corporate learning context, Mark argues that learners cannot quickly get the information they need because the content they require is sitting inside the company’s LMS without the ability to search for it. Mark explains how the problem lies not with the system itself, but with how it is used in conjunction with other systems and he offers his advice on how corporations can best address this issue in the workplace.

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Richard Baraniuk is the Victor E. Cameron Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University and the founder of Connexions. Connexions allows authors, educators and learners to access a rich repository of open-licensed content modules to create free, customized textbooks, courses, and learning materials. Each month, Connexions‘ free educational materials are used by over 850,000 people from over 200 countries.

In this podcast, Prof. Baraniuk predicts a bright future for open education. However, he believes that we are not there yet and explains why. He discusses the barriers of today’s technology, standards and licensing models when it comes to the open education movement, and he argues how these barriers need to be overcome in order to hit a critical mass and allow remixing of content in an open source way. Professor Baraniuk also discusses the ways that the open education movement can be applied to corporate training and how this can bring a competitive advantage to organizations.

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Bob Mosher is the Chief Learning & Strategy Evangelist at Learning Guide Solutions. Renowned for his pioneering role in eLearning and performance support, Bob has been an active leader in the learning industry for over 23 years and he is also the co-author (along with Conrad Gottfredson) highly popular blog PERFORMER Support: Learning @ the Moment of Need.

In this podcast, Bob makes the important distinction between performance support and informal learning, and tells us why he believes the rapid rise of mobile has brought performance support to the tipping point. A strong believer that mobile performance support – or mSupport – needs to be simple and relevant information delivered at the moment of need, he discusses how content needs to evolve from an eLearning environment to something suitable for consumption on mobile devices. We also hear Bob’s view on the resurgence of single-source along with some best practices for organizations making the leap from eLearning to mLearning.

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George Siemens is a renowned thought leader in the evolution of learning in today’s social world and author of the influential article Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age. Recently George has been on the forefront of a number of animated discussions regarding the role of social networks in learning and the future of learning technologies as we know them (“Future of learning: LMS or SNS?”).

In this podcast, George argues that traditional courses, where students rely on the educator to structure their learning experience, rob the learner of an enormous part of the learning experience. So, he makes the case for social learning networks and he explains how educational institutions and corporate enterprises can embrace social media & social networks as part of the big shift towards informal and on-demand learning.

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Ben Kiker is the Chief Marketing Officer at Jive Software, the recognized leader in the emerging Social Business Software market. With over 3,000 customers and 15 million users, Jive works with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, revolutionizing how information and expertise is shared within their organizations.

In this podcast, Ben explains the four keys areas where social learning is taking hold in organizations: employee on-boarding, expertise location, internal collaboration, and partner on-boarding. He shares success stories in each of these areas from global marquee companies including Swiss Re, Toshiba, CSC, and Manheim. Ben also touches on who within organizations are generally the driving force behind social learning initiatives, discusses what drives rapid adoption & engagement, and shares best practices for implementing a social learning strategy within an organization. This is a can’t miss podcast!

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