Are your training courses built in a single-source format so that the content can be easily converted to multiple delivery methods and outputs? Not sure, or do you have no idea what we’re talking about? Read more now!

A mass migration to mobile is underway, and it’s bringing the cloud front and center. Learning and talent are no longer activities that business leaders think of as boring and not worthy of discussion.

Pastiche® is featured for bringing new interactive learning materials to the iPad. 

Pastiche® is recognized as being the industry's first app that enables organizations to offer fully blended learning. 

Xyleme, Inc. is among the companies supporting the Learning Tools Interoperability family of standards.

In this interview, Mark Hellinger explains why he opted to implement a learning content management system on top of an enterprise content management platform.

Bryan Chapman led a roundtable discussion on the challenges of integrating content across learning organizations.

Peter Hagopian comments on the Xyleme LCMS 3.2 release.

Westnet streamlines production of blended training materials.