Senior Product Designer / UX

Xyleme, Inc., a leading provider of learning content management solutions and mobile learning applications, is seeking an Senior Product Designer with significant experience in producing outstanding user experiences for corporate users.

Xyleme delivers authoring, publishing and content management for corporate learning departments and publishers within large corporations. We partner with organizations to transform the way they author, publish, deliver, and analyze learning content to drive business performance. With Xyleme, organizations have everything they need to create a dynamic learning environment — from rapid single-source content development to anywhere delivery. It’s a content management solution that brings increased velocity to the entire learning technology ecosystem and makes learning content a competitive advantage.

Xyleme is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and can be found online at


This successful candidate will be responsible for:

  • The user experience of our entire platform
  • Ensuring amazing user experiences across our entire platform
  • Working directly with the company CEO and Executive Team to envision and deliver market changing products

Qualities of the Successful Candidate

This successful candidate will have the following qualities:

  • Referenceable success is designing outstanding software from start to finish.
  • You are very interested to understand the customer perspective and job to be done and listen and question with an open mind.
  • You are highly creative, bold, yet practical and regularly envision ground-breaking concepts that delight users.
  • You want to change the world, throw yourself completely into something and be part of something tremendously exciting and bigger than yourself.
  • You love people, how they think, participating with others, sharing ideas, and working toward a common goal.
  • You thrive solving complex problems. Your mind is naturally attracted to the complex and organizes that complexity naturally.

Minimum Requirements

The following requirements are mandatory. Resumes not meeting these requirements will not be considered:

  • 5 or more years of senior product design and user experience work
  • Significant start to finish experience in designing complex software products
  • Strong references and an outstanding portfolio
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong organization and attention to detail
  • Energetic, positive, with the ability to bring a “can do” attitude to challenges

Resumes that Will Not Be Considered

Resumes presented that do not meet the above referenced qualifications will not be considered. Specifically:

  • Candidates with short tenures (1yr or less) at a majority of their recent positions
  • Candidates without strong references and portfolios

Pre-Interview Material

Candidates may be asked to provide work samples as well as provide evidence of skills prior to a formal interview.

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