Single-Source Learning Content Development…

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If the number of people in my recent conference sessions are any indication more and more organizations are seeing the promise of single-source learning content development. Everyone knows that the old way of doing things is just not working any more once you have any number of courses… doing your Instructor Guide and Student Guide in Word or FrameMaker, your Slides in PowerPoint or Keynote and your learning in Articulate or Lectora.

What happens every time something has to change? EEEKKKKK!

  1. Open the Instructor Guide make the change
  2. Open the Student Guide, make the same changes
  3. Open the PowerPoint, make the same changes… oh just thought of a better way to say that (repeat steps 1 and 2)
  4. Open the Web Course and make the same change
  5. Save and deploy
  6. Oops, someone noticed a error in the new content….
  7. Bang your head against your desk and start all over again….
  8. Oh.. almost forgot about the Spanish, French and German versions… need to do the same thing in all those files too!

Ah… now I get why there’s so much interest in Single-Source Learning Content Development. While people understand the problem, they don’t yet understand how they can really create one source of content . Well help is here. That’s why we developed an upcoming webinar, to show you exactly how it can be done. With a combination of conceptual overview, really users case study and walking through an example in detail, you’ll hopefully leave say… Ah Ha, I see how it’s possible.

Please join us to explore this critical import topic, especial during these turbulent times.