Xyleme Product Update: Pastiche 2.4 for the iPad – Content monetization and more

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Announcing Pastiche 2.4!

Pastiche 2.4 for the iPad opens a new revenue stream for your content by allowing you to reach and sell to your customers directly.

The latest version of Pastiche introduces the ability to sell your content to end-users. Pastiche has been integrated with Apple’s in-App Purchase payment gateway to give your users the ability to purchase your content through your Custom Branded App. Users can browse your catalog of products directly within the app and pay to get access to the content they are interested in.

This new content monetization method can be used in conjunction with the existing licensing mechanism which is more suitable for a B2B scenario.

Pastiche 2.4 also includes the following additional features:

  • Reports
    Get reports on books uploaded, users in the system, groups and sales and export them in a CSV format to process the data in tools like Microsoft Excel.
  •  Web Content Integration
    Make external content available on the Internet part of the navigation experience of the book making it look like they are another page in the content.
  • New highlights and annotations implementation
    The new implementation is more robust and resilient to content updates.
  •  Other improvements
    This includes the ability to delete bookmarks, highlights and notes directly from the Annotations screen.
Interested in what some of the new aspects really look like? Check out some screen grabs below!

User Report


Bookstore Purchase

For questions or to demo Pastiche, please visit the Pastiche page on the Xyleme website!