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Clark Quinn is brainstorming around how we really learn – versus how we are instructed. In his blog posting “Facilitating Learning”, he is explaining why the new role in the organization will be for ‘learning facilitation’ and not for ‘instruction’ or ‘training’. As Clark writes, “knowledge is not what’s going to be useful going forward, but skills in applying that knowledge.”

Interesting “Thoughts on New Learning” posting by George Siemens. George refers to Eric Kalvert’s blog post pointing out that “humans have an innate motivation to participate in shared knowledge and that it is this motivation that makes writing for ‘real’ audiences more rewarding for students than writing for an individual ‘teacher’.”

Tom Kuhlman is blogging about how to empower learners by involving them in the teaching process. In his blog posting “3 Creative Ways to Empower Your Learners”, he also shares some examples of how leveraging rapid e-learning tools and their ability to create multimedia content can help achieve higher levels of learners’ engagement.

Mark Berthelemy gives his own definition of Blended Learning in his latest blog post. “It could be argued that all learning is blended, but some teaching is not blended. All good teaching is blended” – a great line in the posting that I would like to highlight.