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Jay Cross has started a conversation on the Future of Organizational Learning and Development. Great ideas have been shared so far. We are looking forward to the discussion on April 21st!

Michael Hanley analyzing 5 factors that are contributing to the emergence of informal and non-formal learning. Blended learning, Talent management and Learning 2.0 are discussed in the first part whereas Knowledge centers and Learning simulations in the second part of his blog posting.

just published a new 526-page report entitled “Learning Technology Products 2009: Authoring Tools, Learning Management Systems, and Learning Content Management Systems” that contains short one – to three – page profiles of the products featured in three Brandon Hall Research KnowledgeBases: Authoring Tool KnowledgeBase, LMS KnowledgeBase and LCMS KnowledgeBase.

Thinking outside the blocks (yes “blocks,” not box): New ways of learning with shiftables. Now, this is a post Bryan Chapman uploaded in February, but I had to include it. Wow, it is amazing!