Ellen Wagner on Becoming a Learning Technologist

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Ellen Wagner is a Partner and Principal Analyst for Sage Road Solutions and she is also author of the eLearning Roadtrip blog, where she is exploring issues related to innovation and learning technology adoption. In this podcast, Ellen discusses the challenges instructional designers face on their way to becoming Learning Technologists.

Ellen explains how the role of instructional designers has changed along with the change in people’s dependence on technology. The new role of instructional designers requires skills for bridging both learning and technology as well as understanding how to create engaging learning experiences. Ellen is also addressing the role of new technologies in social learning and mobile learning. She is discussing why social media are here to stay and how the infrastructure for mobile learning is more mature today so as to change how learners and corporations feel about a new emerging mobile learning world.

Also, in a bonus part, Ellen Wagner shares her best practices for designing reusable learning content.