Bob Mosher on Mobile Performance Support

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Bob Mosher is the Chief Learning & Strategy Evangelist at Learning Guide Solutions. Renowned for his pioneering role in eLearning and performance support, Bob has been an active leader in the learning industry for over 23 years and he is also the co-author (along with Conrad Gottfredson) highly popular blog PERFORMER Support: Learning @ the Moment of Need.

In this podcast, Bob makes the important distinction between performance support and informal learning, and tells us why he believes the rapid rise of mobile has brought performance support to the tipping point. A strong believer that mobile performance support – or mSupport – needs to be simple and relevant information delivered at the moment of need, he discusses how content needs to evolve from an eLearning environment to something suitable for consumption on mobile devices. We also hear Bob’s view on the resurgence of single-source along with some best practices for organizations making the leap from eLearning to mLearning.