What our customers are saying...

"Consistent and Professional"

Using Xyleme has enabled us to render our content consistently and professionally in multiple formats without additional resource demands, and it continues to open up more avenues, such as Pastiche, for us to provide our rich learning content to a broad customer base on various technologies.

"Saves Money and Time"

With partners, staff and campaign managers in over 50 countries around the world, Rare needed to house 2 years worth of MA curriculum content in a central location and in 4 different languages. Xyleme has helped us to leverage opportunities and overcome these obstacles through the use of their LCMS. Rare’s use of Xyleme LCMS saves money in translation, customization, time, and content revisions.

Customer Success Stories


Rare’s mission is to conserve imperiled species and ecosystems around the world, Rare inspires people to care about and protect nature. Rare applies community-based solutions in some of world’s areas of highest biodiversity – from Latin America and the Caribbean to Africa and India to Asia and the Pacific islands. These areas may be rich in natural resources, but poverty is also high, making social and environmental change a challenge for hundreds of thousands of communities.

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ESI is a global, project-focused training company, helping people around the world improve the way they manage their projects, contracts, requirements and vendors through innovative training programs in the areas of...

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Whether you’re eyeing markets in the next town or across continents, Nielsen understands the importance of knowing what consumers watch and buy.

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Princeton Review

The Princeton Review has long been a leader in helping college and graduate school–bound students achieve their higher-education goals through their test-preparation services, tutoring and admissions resources, as well as through online courses and resources and print and digital books.

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Information Builders

Information Builders provides business intelligence software that helps companies make the most of their information capital. As a benefit, customers receive structured training so they're equipped with the knowledge and capabilities to turn data into actionable insights.

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Customer Profiles

Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes is a top-tier oilfield service company with more than 50,000 employees in over 90 countries. Baker Hughes helps customers make the most of their reservoirs, lower costs, reduce risk, and improve productivity.

Baker Hughes uses Xyleme LCMS for rapid, single-source development and publishing of their intellectual assets, in order to deliver current and accurate information into the hands of global field employees at the point of need.

Netherlands Railways

Netherlands Railways (NS) is a principal passenger railway company in the Netherlands and one of the largest train operators in Europe. The company employs over 27,000 people and reports one million passengers daily.

NS uses Xyleme LCMS to efficiently manage, easily reuse, and rapidly customize existing operating manuals and training materials, which are deployed through multiple modalities to various divisions, functions, and job roles.


Huthwaite is a world leader in sales performance improvement. The company helps assess your organization’s needs and develops customized sales performance improvement programs that drive real business results.

Huthwaite uses Xyleme LCMS to customize, translate, and rebrand training content and single-source publish it across multiple modalities, resulting in significant ROI from reduced translation and maintenance costs.