Customer Success Story: Rare

Rare educates and motivates people around the world to care about conservation

Rare’s mission is to conserve imperiled species and ecosystems around the world, Rare inspires people to care about and protect nature.

Rare applies community-based solutions in some of world’s areas of highest biodiversity – from Latin America and the Caribbean to Africa and India to Asia and the Pacific islands. These areas may be rich in natural resources, but poverty is also high, making social and environmental change a challenge for hundreds of thousands of communities.

Rare trains local leaders to run “Pride campaigns” that utilize social marketing techniques -which borrow private sector marketing tactics normally reserved for selling things like cars, soft drinks, and video games – and use them to sell more sustainable behaviors. Each year, Rare and its partners launch Pride cohorts in each of the four languages in which their training is offered.

The local conservation leaders who complete all studies and run a successful campaign in the field receive a Master’s degree in Communication, which is globally-accredited and offered in four languages through regional university partners. With advocates, staff and campaign managers in over 50 countries around the world, Rare needed to not only centralize their training material, but also have it produced and customized in all four languages.

Using Xyleme LCMS, Rare has overcome numerous obstacles

Using Xyleme LCMS, Rare has overcome numerous obstacles including versioning problems, translation expenses and outsourcing delays. “Our content is based on the same curriculum, but has to be customized for each region according to the targeted audience, threats to biodiversity, regional language AND conservation goal,” commented Monica Pearce, Global Programs Associate for Rare.

Case Study

When a company’s goal is to promote conservation efforts by training local conservation leaders to motivate behavior change across the globe, developing and maintaining learning content has to drive efficiency, not detract from it. For an organization like Rare, the more time spent on administrative tasks, the less time they have to go out and save the world. That’s where Xyleme was able to help.