Customer Success Story: Information Builders

Information Builders - Real-Time Business Intelligence and Enterprise Reporting Software

"Because of Xyleme's ability to make reuse of rich content quick and simple across the LCMS, our common content consistency has gone from a nightmare to maintain across many courses, to one update and done."

Emily Duensing
Senior Manager of Curriculum Development
Information Builders

Information Builders chose Xyleme LCMS to assist them in capitalizing on reusing their existing content efficiently. They have also implemented Xyleme’s ready-made tablet app to deliver content to customer tablets.


  • Reduce redundancy
  • Establish consistency
  • Improved content reuse
  • Reduction in time spend on updates and customization


Information Builders provides business intelligence software that helps companies make the most of their information capital. As a benefit, customers receive structured training so they're equipped with the knowledge and capabilities to turn data into actionable insights.

Prior to Xyleme, Information Builders had 30+ courses in print-only format. Maintaining that content, let alone updating it, became increasingly labor-intensive and time-consuming. Five course developers were manually updating each course multiple times a year led to many different versions, none of which were standardized. They came to realize this process wasn't scalable, and inevitably led to inconsistent outcomes and content designers who weren't able to maximize their time.


Information Builders began taking a structural approach to content management and standardization, which allowed their developers to focus on their primary objective: creating consistently effective training content.

Single-source and Re-use
Previously, creating student guides meant stripping down the instructor guide; a process that was extremely time consuming. Those days are long gone thanks to Xyleme's single-source mentality. With Xyleme LCMS content is created once, and stored in a central repository. From there, with the touch of a button, you can deliver to numerous outputs and reuse content across any course you want or create.

With numerous developers working on content, it is easy to see how branding and consistency may become compromised across the content being developed. Within Xyleme LCMS, Information Builders developed a variety of templates, including figure elements, tables and entire lessons, so authors could easily input content without compromising the integrity of the brand or curriculum. This allows team member to worry about content versus branding compliance and ultimately, all outputs are consistent.

Mobile Delivery
Information Builders didn't have the capability to provide customers performance support if they didn't attend training and development courses. However, standard to Xyleme technology is performance support outputs, allowing Information Builders to finally be able to deliver content via tablets. Their custom mobile app, IB University, provides users with access to an introductory course on one of their popular products that includes videos and quizzes.

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