Our Mission

We don’t do things just because everyone else does. Xyleme employees typically work outside their comfort zones to push the boundaries of innovation. We find the best methods and processes to achieve our goals, be it a current trend or not.
Find the best people, wherever they are in the world, and provide the coaching and tools for effective collaboration, socialization, and personal growth.
Reward Talent
You earn respect based on what you do, not on your title. Xyleme employees are given the opportunity to take ownership of their work, lead projects that play to their strengths, and gain valuable experience early in their careers.
Invest Smartly
We don’t make budgets to spend budgets. Xyleme looks for creative ways to get the best results on the investments we make. Each investment, large or small, is carefully vetted to ensure that we are creating value for our employees and customers. Not using our entire budget is considered a positive accomplishment.
Forward Looking
We recognize and help our customers deal with the challenges they will face in the future. Xyleme adopts proven trends in the marketplace to experience them ourselves and to integrate them with our own technologies.
No politics
Communicate directly with others, not through others. Nobody at Xyleme is unreachable because of their title or their position in the organization. All doors are always open.