About Us

What is Xyleme?

Xyleme™ was built around the idea of revolutionizing the way people publish and consume learning content. From this principle, Xyleme’s learning suite (Xyleme LCMS, Bravais® and Pastiche®) has been developed to enable the creation, management, and personalized delivery of education and training content. Our solutions are powered by the 100% XML-based Xyleme LCMS (learning content management system) and provide the industry’s most efficient content development platform for the rapid reuse of content across all types of web, print, tablet, and smartphone outputs.

The future is now

Based firmly on the belief that the way people consume learning content is ever changing, just like learners, Xyleme has been an innovator in the marketplace from its inception. Xyleme invests heavily in product development and is consistently first to market with technologies that have a direct and immediate positive impact on our clients’ business goals. Xyleme's proudest innovations include Bravais and Pastiche.

Bravais is Xyleme’s revolutionary cloud-based content delivery solution. So what does this mean? Content is authored or created in Xyleme LCMS. Once final content is ready (after edits, versioning, etc.), it is stored in the Bravais cloud. From the Bravais cloud, the content can be delivered to any device via specialized and custom apps that have been downloaded to the devices. This is especially important when creating personalized learning experiences for each individual’s needs.

Pastiche is Xyleme’s end-to-end solution for rapidly deploying interactive and privately branded iPad or Android apps. Again, what does this mean?! Content is created in Xyleme LCMS. The content is then stored in the Pastiche store (similar to the App store but it’s customized to your organization and you), and then distributed to your tablet.

Be more than monolithic

Agile Development is at the core of Xyleme’s product development processes. This collaborative and iterative framework enables the release of new Xyleme LCMS, Pastiche, and Bravais versions every three months, which is far quicker than the industry standard of 12–18 months.

At the forefront of innovation, Xyleme’s open XML platform allows organizations to keep pace with rapidly changing educational, training, and—more important now than ever before—consumer requirements. The XML platform also allows for the rapid reuse of content across all types of web, print, tablet, and smartphone outputs. Finally, the open nature of XML means that your content is completely future proof, ready for today’s and tomorrow’s technologies.

Who we are

We’re not only passionate suppliers of learning technology, but also of everything else that goes into creating a great learning experience. Xyleme’s founders are pioneers in the industry, and they were among the first developers to leverage XML-based technologies for learning content reuse. Our executive team members, who have been educated at some of the world’s top institutions, are leaders with multi-faceted expertise, including extensive experience in building and growing global companies. Xyleme’s services team consists of people who have designed and implemented enterprise-wide learning initiatives, bringing a strong, client-focused perspective to the project management experience. It is safe to say that our staff and customers are in good hands.

Xyleme is headquartered at the base of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Boulder, CO, but with employees across the US, and in seven different countries around the world, we do not feel confined to any particular space.